The following treatments include reiki, a gentle non-invasive form of energy healing.

60 Minute Reiki $95 (or $145 mobile)

Enjoy a time-out and comprehensive reiki treatment. You remain clothed while the therapist places their hands on or near your body, while energy flows into your body to where it is needed. Very relaxing and restorative. You may feel heat, cool, energy shifts or simply relaxation during the treatment. In clinic only.

90 Minute Soul intuitive Massage $150 (or $225 mobile)

A lovely healing massage that incorporates reiki, essential oils and any intuitive guidance I receive.

2 hr Soul Tarot Reading & Intuitive Massage $215 (or $305 mobile)

A beautiful 2 hour package incorporating a 30 min Tarot reading, reiki, massage, essential oils and any intuitive guidance that I may receive during the session.

The following conditions apply to all bookings:

Intuitive massage, reiki and card readings offer insights and open up a dialogue with your own spirit. It is my intention for you to be empowered to grow, change and make your own decisions. For this reason, I limit clients to 1-3 sessions every 6 months.

This is a professional service. Genuine enquiries only please. If your phone is unlisted or set to private, I may not take your call.