8 Great Things To Do in the Blue Mountains

Are you visiting the Blue Mountains?  As a local, I feel that visitors often get a prepackaged postcard version of this beautiful City of the Blue Mountains. The  truth is that we are really spoilt for choice in this wonderful city and there are many lovely activities and things to do. Here is my list Read More

Non-essential massage

How do I feel about the government putting my business in the same category as adult massage workers? Sure it’s confusing that different industries use the word massage. If the term Massage Parlour is meant to be inclusive, it actually has the opposite effect. Read More

Wrapping Up 2019

2019 was an incredible year with highs and lows and now on the last day, it’s time to assess, honour and integrate all of the things. Many thanks to the folks who have shared experiences with me and looking forward to more fulfilment and happiness in the new year. In no particular order, here are Read More

The Best Reasons to Purchase a Massage Gift Certificate this Christmas

The Best Reasons to Purchase a Massage Gift Certificate this Christmas Here are some great reasons to purchase a massage gift certificate from my business, Massage and Soul, this Christmas A massage feels great and makes a lasting impression Not only that but professional massage has many therapeutic benefits for physical, emotional and maybe even Read More

Fantastic Mobile Massage in the Blue Mountains

Fantastic Mobile Massage in the Blue Mountains It’s one of my favourite times of year, the cold and Wintery part of the year. A time of frosty mornings, braving the outdoors with layers of warm clothing and then curling up by the fireplace. Winter is my time of year. When I receive many more calls, Read More

Not-Mothers Day

Mother’s Day I’ve been trying to find the words or the right time to write this post. As you know, we’ve just celebrated Mother’s Day in Australia and parts of the world. For weeks my inbox and social media went crazy with offers, deals and outpourings for the special day. Buy slippers, make-up, jewellery, movies, Read More

But I Can’t Afford a Massage!

But I Can’t Afford a Massage! But I can’t afford a massage or other luxury items, you say? So here are two things I want to say about that statement. First, there are real and tangible physical, physiological, emotional and measurable benefits of massage. Seriously. There have been loads of studies. Professional massage can manage Read More

Massage and Soul January News

Massage and Soul January News I want to extend a big heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported my little business in 2018. Whether it was booking a massage, a referral or liking one of my posts, I truly appreciate it all. * * * Please read the whole post for important information regarding changes to Read More

Meditation – May Cause Miracles

I had been restless and irritable for days. Lately I had been rather busy. I was desperately craving alone time yet didn’t seem able to create any. Finally I found 18 mins in the house alone in my massage room to meditate. I sat on my meditation stool, took some deep breaths and started shuffling Read More

How Essential Oils Found Me (and I became an Oily Goddess)

How Essential Oils Found Me (and I became an Oily Goddess) (aka My Essential Oil Story) A Nose by Any Other Name I was a snotty kid. By the time I was about 8, it was known in the family that I had upper respiratory “allergies”. I couldn’t stand perfumes, reacted to many flowering plants Read More