I had been restless and irritable for days. Lately I had been rather busy. I was desperately craving alone time yet didn’t seem able to create any.

Finally I found 18 mins in the house alone in my massage room to meditate.

I sat on my meditation stool, took some deep breaths and started shuffling the Trust Your Vibes Oracle Card Deck. I pulled a card. Seek Solitude. Apparently I needed to confirm what I already knew.

Closing my eyes, put a hand on my heart and asked my heart what I needed to know today.

Yes I still felt anxious and restless. So I sat here in my solitude and asked two more times for my heart to tell me what I needed to know.

I relaxed into my meditation and became aware of pain, a deep open fissure just below the surface. I realised I had been trying to ignore and bury this pain for days. Tears welled in my eyes as I noticed the pain. My soul felt relief that this part of me was finally seen. She was dearly loved, appreciated and part of me. In moments the pain melted and I was whole again.

For the remainder of the time I sat with hand on my heart and enjoyed my restored whole self for 5-10 minutes. There was nothing more to know today. I had received my healing and what I needed to know.

With each breath I reinforced my changed state, my restored equilibrium.

The timer went off and I finished my meditation

Healing is simple. I rarely meditate for longer than 20 mins and mostly only for 15. That is all it takes to change an emotional state and to experience a shift. If practised daily, it can create miracles.


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