Wrapping Up 2019

2019 was an incredible year with highs and lows and now on the last day, it’s time to assess, honour and integrate all of the things. Many thanks to the folks who have shared experiences with me and looking forward to more fulfilment and happiness in the new year.

In no particular order, here are some of my achievements and celebrations for business and life in 2019:

  • published 10 Massage and Soul newsletters
  • donated $250 to the Blue Mountains RFS
  • honed my instagram skills and put out regular posts
  • started renting a room at The Hairloom Hair and Beauty in Blackheath
  • participated in a business expo at The Hairloom, including giving a speech
  • donated two massage vouchers to different causes
  • went on a 2 week holiday to Bali
  • fostered a greyhound for 6 weeks (he was adopted and now lives in Ryde)
  • raised money for Greyhound Rescue
  • I got myself a mobile EFTPOS machine for card payments
  • sold 9 more gift vouchers for Christmas than the previous year
  • wrote 5 blog posts on my website

  • sat my motorcycle Ls and learnt to ride a motorscooter
  • upgraded massage equipment such as towels, a table warmer, bolsters
  • set weekly targets for number of clients and met them
  • started collecting plastic wrapping and taking it to be recycled
  • got some health checks
  • received some counselling
  • experimented with disposable compostable towels
  • in March I increased my prices
  • continued regular workouts with Tiffxo
  • had a brand new oven installed
  • ate much less meat and animal products
  • started practising Ho’oponopono and forgiveness

  • promoted Coco to be the Leura receptionist 🙂
  • pretty much doubled my number of new clients
  • reduced my hours of non-massage work
  • made new networks and business acquaintances
  • joined some business support groups
  • started using a free online self-booking form
  • found a laundry product to remove excess oils from massage towels
  • sang with a Community Choir throughout the year
  • decluttered the garage and several areas of the house again
  • working with two sub-contacters, the lovely Megs and Dionne
  • let go of my essential oil business
  • bought some funky new clothes
  • had a longer mobile massage season
  • enjoying seeing my nephew growing up

Here are some of the things that were hard in 2019:

  • my grandfather passed away in December
  • juggling two casual jobs as well as massaging in two locations plus mobile work
  • feeling sleepy/tired much of the time with no known cause
  • getting older and more aches and pains
  • feeling out of balance when life got busy
  • working late or having night time meetings
  • taking care of my mental and emotional health
  • seeing Australia burn and having monster fires almost at the backdoor
  • knowing that Australia is in drought and that many people are doing it tough
  • the devastating suffering and loss of wildlife and insects

Thank you for all of your support as a client or friend and I’ll see you in 2020 🙂

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