The Best Reasons to Purchase a Massage Gift Certificate this Christmas

Hooray – Massage Gift Certificates!!!
Here are some great reasons to purchase a massage gift certificate from my business, Massage and Soul, this Christmas
  1. A massage feels great and makes a lasting impression
  2. Not only that but professional massage has many therapeutic benefits for physical, emotional and maybe even spiritual well-being
  3. It’s a thoughtful gift for family, friends or even employees
  4. This year I’m donating 10% of all gift vouchers and massage sales in December towards a good cause (the cause is still being decided but possibilities are drought relief, bush fire victims, suicide prevention, mental health services, injured wildlife, greyhound rescue, the RFS etc.)
  5. So really, by purchasing a gift voucher from Massage and Soul this Christmas, you’re giving to your loved one, to a good cause and supporting a small business all at the same time
  6. A voucher can be upgraded or used towards any of my services – tarot, reiki, a facial or a longer massage… the choice is up to the receiver
  7. A massage experience won’t clutter up your loved one’s home
  8. And won’t end up in landfill
  9. It’s valid for three years (but I bet it won’t last that long)
  10. And the receiver can send someone else in their place (although this doesn’t happen often either 🙂
  11. A gift certificate can be from one person or from many
  12. Finally, buying a few gift vouchers makes your Christmas shopping simple and helps you avoids queues
If you would like to purchase a Gift Certificate, please phone or sms 0468 848 858 or send me a message through my contact page.

One thought on “The Best Reasons to Purchase a Massage Gift Certificate this Christmas

  1. Ralph Andrews says:

    Having just had my first massage in 3 or 4 years (so I’d forgotten how important massage can be to maintaining a balanced lifestyle while dealing with the dramas of our personal family / work / social lives!) I think this is an excellent set of reasons for putting massage gift certificates at the top of my shopping list.

    It’s also a great way to thank those very few especial friends who have kept me going throughout the trials of the last few years (and who could do with a good massage for the same reasons! 🙂

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