My Oily Day – A Snapshot of My Day Using Essential Oils

Yesterday I noticed that I was having rather an oily day – that I had become accustomed to using my oils all throughout the day.  Here’s a snapshot of my day Using Essential Oils.

My Oily Day

  1. I drink warm water with 1 drop of Lemon Essential Oil while I make coffee and get ready for the day
  2. While the coffee brews, I move the diffuser to the lounge room. My dog, Coco, will be left alone for a few hours this morning and I diffuse some Lavender Peace to try to help calm her mood
  3. With breakfast, I take my Lifelong Vitality supplements which contain Essential Oils
  4. Any time I wash my hands, I use On Guard Protective Blend Foaming Handwash
  5. I use Frankincense Essential Oil mixed in my face cream and my body moisturiser contains Lavender Peace.
  6. I brush my teeth with On Guard Essential Oil Toothpaste and grab a few oils before I leave the house.
  7. My car is filled with gardening equipment and fertilisers. I place a drop of Purify on a tissue that I have pegged to an air vent to freshen up the air and keep me alert while I’m driving (1.5 hrs drive today).
  8. At lunch, I discuss my oils and show my kit to my friend. She has a much larger collection than meAfter lunch I place a drop of DigestZen under my tongue and sip on some water to help with my digestion
  9. I’m doing some training for my part-time job this afternoon. At 3 pm I start yawning and pull out my bottle of Peppermint Essential Oil to inhale and wake me up a bit
  10. I show one of my classmates all the oils I’m carrying on me and we talk about it
  11. Class finished. Another colleague asks for some info on a sample bottle of Wild Orange I gave to her a few days ago
  12. I am driving a colleague home and ask him if it’s OK to put a drop of Peppermint Essential Oil on my make-shift car diffuser/tissue (it’s polite to ask when sharing a small space).  Peppermint helps keep me alert when driving
  13. I arrive home to find that 100 sample roller bottles came in the mail. I take photos for use in the future and am looking forward to making up some samples
  14. In the evening I diffuse Holiday Joy in the lounge room. I like trying different blends and starting to get into the Christmas spirit
  15. My neck is sore from sitting in my class and so I massage a bit of Ice Blue Rub into my neck to relieve the discomfort
  16. I wash my hands with On Guard Foaming Handwash
  17. With dinner I take my Lifelong Vitality supplements
  18. After dinner I discuss enrolment options with a friend. We pull out a few oils for my friend to inhale.
  19. I have a bit of an emotional release tonight. After a little cry, I have a cup of tea with 1 drop of lavender for a bit of calming
  20. I move my diffuser back to the bedroom and put in a few drops of Holiday Peace for a restful night’s sleep – one of my favourite blends!
  21. Before bed I brush my teeth with On Guard toothpaste
  22. Finally, I rub some Easy Air Vapour Stick on my chest to help open my airways

Woah – so many uses!

This was just one day and some of the ways (the ones I can remember) that I used my essential oils. They support my health and wellbeing and are so practical and easy to use.

You can order yourself some of these amazing oils here.

Other ways to use Essential Oils

On other days I might tip a drop into my hands, rub them together and inhale. I might put drops on the soles of my feet for either calming or invigorating, or perhaps have a bath with a few delicious drops of oil in the water. I might put oils into my hair or rub them into my tummy. My oils can be worn as perfume, or I might put a drop on my solar plexus for grounding. At times I gargle with homemade essential oil mouthwash or use lemon oil in my dish washing water.

I’m particularly looking forward to cooking with Essential Oils and just trying different oils and blends.

I think I’ve finally become an Oily Goddess.

Catch you next time 🙂

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