Life Purpose Divination – My Introduction

As a child I was a gymnast. I was always tumbling, climbing, doing cartwheels and playing with my gymnastics skills.

And one day, when I was seven years old, I found myself alone in a swimming pool. I played for a while and as usual, started doing underwater acrobatics, mostly handstands and somersaults.

After a few fun tumbles, I took a deep breath, fell back into the water and used my hands to propel me around in a backwards somersault. Having completed my somersault, I pushed through the water towards the surface… and bumped my head hard on the bottom or the wall of the pool. Forced away, I again pushed towards the surface and again bumped my head hard against the bottom or wall of the pool.

In the shallow end, I tried over and over to come up for air, repeatedly banging my head hard against the bottom or wall of the swimming pool. I was completely disoriented, panicked and running out of breath. The more I tried to find the surface, the more I hit my head. I started thinking that I was going to drown.

I couldn’t find the surface, I just kept hitting my head.

And so I stopped struggling. I stopped trying to force my way to the surface.

As I relaxed and let go, immediately my body floated to the surface. Realising that I was face down on the surface of the pool, I lifted my head, inhaling life-giving air.

Life Purpose Divination

Introducing Life Purpose Divination

Sometimes it’s these small moments in time that offer great moments of wisdom.

When my seven year old self stopped trying to force her way to the surface of the swimming pool, when she gave up and let herself be lost, the answer appeared.

This is the beauty of Life Purpose Divination. Your own story holds the key to your Life Purpose and you are the one who holds both the keys and the answers.

I first discovered this work two years ago, becoming a Facilitator¬†a few months later. I’m currently revisiting the whole Life Purpose Divination Course, looking forward to what I discover in myself and to sharing the course with you. LPD has opened up doorways I’d thought closed and empowered me in so many ways.

It’s time to let myself be lost once again and I’ll see you on the other side.

Life Purpose Divination Facilitator

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