Weekly Tarot Card for 19th – 25th June 2017

The question for the week is, how can we live our lives to the fullest this week?

And the card I drew in answer is Open Your Heart, from Sonia Choquette’s deck, The Answer is Simple Oracle Cards.

Soul Sunday I asked a question for the week ahead – How can we all live our lives to the fullest this week? "Open Your Heart" was the card I drew. As I look at this card I see that the heart is popping out of the image. To me it looks like clear blue sky and that the butterflies are emerging from the base. The butterflies seem calmer on the yellow background. If we can step out of our intellect, our heart may glow with truth and aliveness. All we need to do is allow our hearts to guide us, to trust our inner knowing. The creator of the cards, Sonia Choquette, writes that we need to open our hearts up to receive the gift of love and all experiences and blessings from Spirit. We try to shut out pain and disappointment but closing our hearts causes the most pain and we can only receive our innermost desires when our hearts are open. It's a beautiful message for the week. May we all live to the fullest with our open hearts this week! #lysscard #weeklycard #theanswerissimpleoraclecards #soniachoquette #massageandsoul #soulsunday

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Have a great week!

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